CFC United Arab Emirates 25th Anniversary

In the beginning….
Arid, dry, lifeless, an endless sun-drenched forest of tiny grains of sand. This is the glaring description of a place we call our new home, as a matter of fact a new home away from home. UAE, the place that made us secure.
A country far away, different from ours, and yet, you let us live our faith freely and abundantly. On your 46th National Day and Commemoration Day, we fervently hope and pray for your progress and abundance, peace and security.

CFC-UAE can be likened to the UAE’s rise from the lifeless and arid desert. From a tiny and uneventful existence of a community, CFC-UAE rose into a huge, vibrant and continually growing family of firm believers whose main priority and objective is to affect change.
We began our journey with a question – “can we start the CFC?” Indeed in 1992, the first ever Christian Life Program in the Middle East was born in Dubai. However, it was not meant to remain that way. By 1997 the entire UAE, along with other GCC countries had opened it’s doors to the community. We asked ourselves – “who will travel with us on our journey?” By the grace of God, in 2002 more than 800 answered that call and walked with us on that journey leaving us unbelievably joyful for the bountiful harvest.
This is the Hand of God working – He is the Creator – from emptiness he  brings form, transforms nothingness to abundance and leads from doubt to discernment and submission. He made attainable the impossible and our dreams tangible reality. From out of 13 couples that started on the journey, we now have thousands and thousands of firm believers of the faith.
No one can deny the fact that our community has grown by leaps and bounds – That amidst the sun-scorched and arid desert an oasis has grown where fruit-bearing trees thrive majestically. Yet the world continuously changes – with so many temptations, struggles and uncertainties, one can only rely on a strong faith and firm belief in a guiding Hand that calms our doubting souls and embraces wounded hearts. Without this trust, we forget the reason for our being here – service to God through the charity of His faithful.
To the young people – upon our shoulders rest the singular responsibility of rearing and caring for this abundant Oasis, that Great Tree they so painstakingly planted on those trying first days here. We take good care of it through Love. Watering it regularly, we put it where there is abundant sunshine so it will not die or dry out. We overcame the desert and let us continue to abide here.
Our journey is real. Venomous and fierce are our enemies, strong winds and sandstorms will try to level down what has been built before. It was not easy at the start of our Journey, and it will not be easy today. Remaining on this journey, keeping faith, standing still, when everything around us falls will be hard. Nothing worth it ever comes easy or quickly.
But we will not waver the slightest nor retreat a step, even in the face of the strongest of adversaries, the most trying of tests. We will forcefully and triumphantly shout to all and to the world our message: “God is alive and He is present. He will never leave or abandon us.”
Yes, it is true, and it cannot be truer than now – CFC-UAE you were our help, our foundation. A place to lean on in our difficult hours, in our desperation and failures, you were our hope and joy. We are no longer just a group of people coming together, we are family. One family. And God created this for us.
Our story was God’s own story: a myriad of victories alongside a multitude of challenges while winning minds and hearts for Christ. Today we sincerely honor those who planted the first seeds and all those who have selflessly loved and served without counting the cost.
As we celebrate your Foundation Day a quarter of a century later, your 25th year, we hope and pray that you continue to grow abundantly and forever rise to the front at all times. As You, our Dear Lord told the Corinthians: “For whatever you do, do it for the greater glory of the Lord.”
Today we proclaim Your greatness – and we bring back all the glory to You our Lord in Heaven, Perfect Love, Majestic Creator, Father of us all. All of these blessings are from You, Because of You and for You.