Strong and Faithful



Back in Philippines, Frank was a PNP assigned in SWAT Team. On the other hand, I joined SKMC hospital Abu Dhabi in July 2008. In February 2009, Frank together with our son came to Abu Dhabi with no return ticket so I got all the reasons to convince him to stay. Still fresh in mind when we were arguing then in front of our son who asked him “Daddy why are you leaving us, sino babalikan mo sa Philippines?”

Challenged by the innocent questioning of our son, Frank was convinced to stay and God answered our prayer. In June 2009 he was hired by a Security Company and in September of the same year we also joined and completed the CLP.

Frank’s job as Security Manager of the same company has evolved tremendously into a very promising height in his career. Well and stable but not until his position was hit by the implementation of the company’s emiratization policy in March 2015.

But God in His comforting presence never ceases to provide for His disciples as revealed in the Book of Acts 14:22 “They strengthened the spirits of the disciples and exhorted them to persevere in the faith, saying, it is necessary for us to undergo many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”  

Right after losing a job, Frank’s sister, Ate Purie died, followed by deaths of his mother in April, and his uncle in July, all happened in 2015.

In April 2016, Frank’s was diagnosed with a very frightening symptoms. X-ray and CTScan corroborated the Radiologist findings – a query of lung cancer with possible liver metastasis. Team of Doctors/Specialists attended his case in SKMC who requested all the necessary laboratory examinations, such as Biopsy, Ultrasound and Bronchoscopy to mention a few.  Father Troy De Los Santos visited Frank to receive the holy sacrament for the anointing of the sick. Miraculously, after 20 days of confinement, Frank was released and cleared from any signs of sickness, the results of biopsy and all examinations were negative. Praise God.

When Frank lost his job, we have enough resources to sustain the entire expenses incidental to the passing away of our love ones because he has no loans. Moreover, God gave us abundance in material blessings.  He blessed us to fulfill the college dreams of three of our nieces and a nephew, three of them are now Licensed Professionals. Hence, we declare a very bright future ahead of us because we are truly blessed through prayer and guidance of the CFC community who contributed a significant help in our journey as CFC couple – strong and faithful to our covenant.

To date, we are giving back all the praises and glory to God. He blessed us with two healthy sons who are also living with us in Abu Dhabi since 2009, both are actively participating as members of a very vibrant Family Ministries, KFC and YFC respectively. Our youngest son Frank Joseph (“FJ”), now 7yo and a Grade2 student, while our eldest son – Jose Emmanuel (“Joem”) 13yo, now in Grade8,  actively serving as Altar Server in St. Joseph Church – the same parish church where Frank and I are also serving as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or Lay Ministers in Abu Dhabi for almost a year now.

Let every struggles bring us into deep realization that there are many things in life more precious than money, far more valuable than success in our career. Indeed, there are bountiful blessings behind our struggles.

May God be praised!

(A CFC MC sharing at Carlton Hotel, Sharjah, UAE)

3rd February 2017

by Frank and Adel Roma