God’s Great Love, Faithfulness, Mercy and Compassion

ANCOP Global Walk.2015October 30, 2015 was just like any other ordinary Friday that started with our Area ANCOP Global Walk in Al Ghusais, Dubai. The next day, however, I suffered from severe headache, sought consultation and was diagnosed with a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm that needed urgent intervention.

All this happened so fast. Every minute mattered in this battle between life and death. On my second day at the hospital, my left eyelid would not open due to a lack of blood supply. But God is so good, that He did not allow my vision to be affected. He provided everything that I needed through the people He used.

My husband was able to arrive promptly in Dubai, in time for my cerebral angiogram, with his visa issued less than 24 hours. God gave me the best doctor and a community who bombarded heaven with prayers. The CFC members from UAE and Cavite, my HOLD Dubai family, my family and friends, my Extraordinary Eucharistic ministry group at St. Mary’s, my colleagues – they all prayed for me.

I had my operations at Al Zahra Hospital in Barshaon the third day.

12195970_10206355940872319_4755110316031821879_nBefore the procedure, every doctor who visited me at the ICU said that I was “a very lucky woman” because, unknown to me, my condition was very critical. I would just respond with a smile and thought that indeed I was lucky, because I have a great God. Except for my left eye, I was conscious throughout my stay with no numbness on any part of my body.

I praise and thank God for allowing me to experience the pain that Jesus suffered – though nothing can compare to His suffering. While I was in pain, I could not do anything but thank God, trusting and believing that if He willed it, I would be healed.

God listens closely to our heartbeats and calms our fears with His comforting words. When I was transferred to Al Zahra, I felt so nervous while the nurses were changing my IV and setting up the equipment in the ICU room. Then, out of nowhere, a Lebanese lady walked into my room, welcomed me and said these exact words: Josephine, don’t worry. Jesus will take care of you. I believe Jesus sent her that moment to calm my fears. God showed me so many signs of how great His love is.

Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, for your prayers and love. God blessed me with the miracle of a new life, not because of my good deeds, but because of His great love, faithfulness, mercy and compassion. No matter what situation I am in; I choose to rejoice, pray and give thanks, believing that I have a great God who will always be there for me.
May God be praised!

by: Jo Maestro, HOLD Dubai