Victorious Through Christ

family picI’ve been in the community for almost 19 years this year. My wife, Riza has been in the community longer. I started in Single For Christ (SFC) in Dubai while my wife was in SFC Manila. We met in SFC Dubai and became God’s gift to one another as with so many of our SFCs before moving to Couples For Christ (CFC).

You see, sharing at National Conference is a victory for me. I have been suffering from a moderate form of SAD or social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia. According to webMD, SAD is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. It’s a fear of being closely watched and criticized by others. You can imagine that I was hesitant to share when our Household (HH) head asked us to, but the Lord spoke to me thru a CFC member facebook post, when they asked us to share. It said: Surrender your doubts and fears, your pride and guilt at his feet, and trust in His saving word and healing love.

My struggle is real and is in every situation of my life, even in the community, like introducing myself, standing in front of the others (especially the elders) – even in the intimate setting of our own HH – is always a challenge. What more of leading worship or giving a talk? I know of some people who have the same condition in the community; we even joke of taking of anti-anxiety medicine prior to giving a talk. I know of a sister who in some instances has had some full-blown panic attacks and was brought to the ER for treatment. But they have chosen to remain in the community and accepted higher responsibilities. The funny thing is the Lord, in His incomprehensible wisdom, has given us some higher responsibilities in our KFC ministry. You may not understand the struggle, the fear, and anxiety that we feel on a daily basis in service but we have chosen to stay in the community because of the love, support and inspiration that CFC has given us, which make the sacrifice and struggle that we have to endure worth it. With the loving support of my wife and family and the community, we will be victorious in the end. We thank God that despite this medical condition, He remains faithful and puts our life in order. We rejoice that His goodness is beyond measure. May God be praised!

dino picBy Dino Talag, CFC Dubai