CFC Mission, Rwanda

1The Mission Exchange Team from the UAE arrived in Rwanda to conduct the Evangelization Training together with the Covenant Orientation for the SFCs. However, Team Rwanda was able to conduct only  the Covenant orientation from Sept. 22-27,  the duration of their pastoral visit.

Upon  arrival,  we all settled at  St. Paul Pastoral Center and later that evening we had our first session for the Covenant Orientation. Unfortunately, only few participants turned up for the teaching,

2However, we encouraged them to remind the others not to miss the following day.

On day two, we continued with the last three talks of the Covenant Orientation. Although, we tried to ask the participants to secure more time to have the Evangelization Training, it was rather difficult as most of them were fully committed beforehand  that evening .

Way forward:

There is a need for the leadership to be strengthened; the Country Head needs to delegate someone in case he  is busy because we finished the visit without an audience with him.  He informed us that during this visit he was having tight schedule at school which we also understood.34

We greatly appreciated the initiative of the leaders and members for using the WhatsApp media in communicating the CFC programs among themselves. We encouraged them to continue with that.

5We appreciate the presence and support of the visiting Mission Exchange Team and we look forward to regular nourishment and guidance from our leaders in our incoming activities.