Tithe to Feel Light

Do you ever feel that money seems to fly away as soon as your mobile alerts that salary has come? I had practically lived a working life in Manila where money just said “hi and bye” every 15th and 30th of the month.

Whenever my budget sheet in excel gave a sum in red (negative!), then next on my list was to prepare names of possible lenders (younger sister) or donors (my dad) to cover the amount I was short of for the month.

I regret nothing of the hard experiences because those were the very intimate moments I talked with the Greatest Provider of all times. My experience also made me desire to just choose a simple life, keeping in mind that there are many others who live below the poverty line because they have no choice. The hard times also opened my eyes to the life of a few good men who can live a luxurious life yet choose to live it simple.

Attending our FS (Financial Stewardship), I could barely remember who the speaker was and the details of her talk. All that my heart has kept until now was the joy in her heart as she preached what she practiced, which is tithing. There was that indescribable bliss and peace in her face. Things all seem light and alright.

One participant also shared that she is a regular tither and I saw the same jubilant glow in her face. I was so amazed to witness the happiness in their faces. It struck me that giving gave them so much peace in their hearts.

Then I recalled that I had this desire before and the fire to be the giver was rekindled. I banked on this desire to give. I prayed that God give me the grace to be generous. What God has given me instead is the grace to be grateful. Generosity flows from a heart full of gratitude for the abundant mercy and grace, which God grants.

My eyes were opened to the many blessings I have and continue to receive. Not only in material things, but more so in opportunities, family and friends, wisdom, and health. Trials, of course, stayed wherever and whenever, but I simply cannot remember whether they hit me strong. I was able to look past hardships, if they were really hard.

The Old Testament gives us the Law of Tithing; however, the New Testament teaches on the Love of Tithing.

Are we tithing because it is the Law? Tithe comes from the word one-tenth or 10% which is the minimum portion of your income. Or is it the Love overflowing from gratitude? Shall I go below 10% if I have to base it on my gratefulness?

God has proven time and again how He will take care of us if only we allow Him. God loves a cheerful giver, so we can always ask Him for the grace to be cheerful when we give. His grace is ever-abounding and the ball is in each one of us. Will you throw your ball and keep the favors coming? Or will you keep the ball with you and stop the game?

By Sis.Flor Bunag, Cluster Leader of CFC-HOLD Abu Dhabi