Zimbabwe KFC Mission

In early June we were invited to go for a mission in Zimbabwe during the first Eid in July. Though it seems there was limited time to prepare and process our visa, God really works always all the time.

1 (2)As it was our first time to be in a mission, we were quite anxious in some way but God whispered: “bravery is doing something without fear, but far braver are those who face their fears.” With strong hearts we pursued on what He wants us to do as we allow Him to be in charge. It is all about faith and moving with one mission goal which is to share God’s love to everyone.

5 (1)We had officially launched CFC-Kids for Christ in Harare, Zimbabwe and we were able to gather 27 participants during the Kids Camp (Entry Camp Assembly). The activity has three sessions: 1. God made me special because He loves me; 2. Jesus is my best friend; and 3. Jesus wants me to make others happy. In all the sessions the kids were able to discover things about Jesus and learned to practice their family prayer time.

4 (1)Indeed it was really overwhelming to see how the kids loved and embraced us during the activities. They never got tired as they kept on waiting for the next activity. We were grateful to see how happy and excited they were and also for their parents who are now looking forward to more upcoming CFC-KFC activities.

3 (1)Also during our mission we were able to bond with other ministries as we joined the Singles for Christ Covenant Orientation, the YFC and SFC ROCK Training, and the CFC National Conference.

We can say that the mission was indeed fruitful and victorious. We were really grateful and privileged to be part of CFC to do the mission. We were blessed to be with our mission co-labourers of God’s Vineyard: Tito Randy-Tita Leny Gamboa and Tito Rico-Tita Amy Gamogamo.

2 (2)This is just the beginning of more exciting moments where God wants us to bring His love across the land.

We should never get tired to inspire and share God’s love to everyone.

Remember these verses. “Since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another” (John 4:11). “We love, because he first loved us” (John 4:19). “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him” (Romans 8:28).

All Glory to God.

Bro Mike & Sis Lee Caparas

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