Sustained by God’s Healing Hands

unnamed (1)I am Bro Al Quiatchon and my wife in Rose Quiatchon. We have 3 grownup children: Lalaine (27 and married), Al Ross (23) and Jenny (20).

We’ve been in the community for 16 years and currently serving as Cluster Leaders of Northern Emirates A2.

Our sharing is all about my current illness (PKD) which was diagnosed last 1 Aug 2015 and at that time I was distressed and have difficulty accepting it. I remember asking for prayers during my sharing at MCG in Al Ain.

We’ll, my condition is still the same. I still have the disease (PKD) and I’m still under medication to control my BP and slow down the progress of the disease. I’m seeing my Nephrologist and my kidney function are being tested regularly. I’m still on a low protein diet and have to do regular workout.

The good news is over the past one year; my creatinine level has stabilized as compared to the previous year. The doctor even recommended and changed my routine checkups and laboratory from 1 month to 2 months and now to 3 months interval.

The disease did not stop us in serving God through the CFC community. In 2016, myself and Rose went on a mission trip (with CFC & SFC) to Rwanda to conduct the CLP.

unnamedBros and Sis, I cannot tell you that God has healed me already but I am certain that God is healing me softly. This is his way of manifesting his healing power and love for me and my family. I have to rely on His promise that someday He will free me from this bondage. I have to hold on to His words that everything that happened to me and my life has a purpose. I may not be able to understand it now but I know that He has a better plan.

Bros and Sis, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and support. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom that you shared especially during gatherings such as this. I thank my households both upper and lower for the love and friendship that we experienced in their company. And most of all I thank and praise God for the CFC community that He has gifted us.

May God be praised…

By Al Quiatchon, CFC Sharjah & Northern Emirates

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