Recharged by God’s Love and Mercy

Rommel at WorkThursday 17th Feb 2017, a normal busy day for me at the construction site, as a project manager I need to do my daily site visits and inspections. Around 5:30 pm during my last construction site walk, suddenly I felt tiredness and exhaustion and fell on a 3 meter wide open trench. The first thought that came on my mind was “Lord Jesus save me”. Suddenly I felt that fatal hard fall became easy as my safety helmet hit the ground first protecting my head and my face, during that time I know God heard my plea and sent his angels to catch me.

Rommel at Hospital I was rushed to the site clinic with bruises in my arms, body, face and a left swollen eye which was not able to see. I heard the first aid nurse singing Psalm 32:7 and Psalm 56:4” You are my hiding place, you always fill our hearts of songs if deliverance “Whenever I am afraid I will trust in You” That song calmed me and eased my pain, Again I know Jesus was with me.
I was taken to the Hospital Emergency Room, kept in the ICU and had a series of eye test and MRI. The next morning, the doctor visited me and told that no need to worry all tests conducted were fine, only a surgery below my left eye was required. It was indeed a miracle that I was alive with no serious head injury.

Praise God, I had a successful surgery and was discharged after three days. A week after surgery, I was there standing, serving, singing in the Dubai Area assembly and proclaiming Gods greatness as I was requested to be one of the sharers. The same week we had all the preparation ready for our upcoming CLP which had 18 couples graduated by mid-May.

Rommels FamilyOne CFC brother told me “take a rest we will take care of our activities “, and I responded “No Bro I will continue and be with you “, he asked again” Bro just wondering what keeps you going?” I again replied “it’s the Love and Faith in God, it’s like a Duracell battery it keeps going and going and going, it will never drain like a normal battery as the word of God, the bible scriptures which we read every day is the one recharging our batteries (our faith) and making us strong”.

By Rommel Firma, CFC Dubai

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