Mission to the Land of the Pyramids

14915282_10154033588056918_3464516995659012133_n“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations …” (Matt 28:19). This was the calling that we have accepted from the moment we joined Couples for Christ.

The call was apparent during our recent mission to the land of the pyramids. Not only did we see the places where the Holy Family took refuge, we also witnessed how the Lord touched the lives of the CLP participants during their dedication day.

From day one, we just let go and let God do everything for us. From the visa issuance up to the arrival at Cairo airport, we can truly sense God’s providence in every step.

It all started with our visas being erroneously issued by the Egyptian embassy. We had to bring it back for revision and thank God it was released just in time prior our departure.

14955897_10153809928287364_7573646180093406412_nFurthermore, the airline tickets that we got were departing from another city which is 400km away from our home. Hence, we had to drive for 4 hours to take a 3-hour flight to Cairo. Nevertheless, it was all worth it as the boarding passes handed over to us were on Business Class. Getting a discounted ticket was already a blessing but getting upgraded both ways was truly God’s providence.

Upon arrival at Cairo airport, we were put on hold by the lady immigration officer. She must have seen the double visas stamped on our passports. Providentially, an Egyptian colleague of mine who was also on the flight tried to assist us. After thirty minutes of waiting and praying, my colleague waved his hand from the other side of the immigration counter, and allowed us to pass through. He then gave us our passports with the immigration stamped on it already. Truly, God sends angels to help us in times of need.

In spite of all the harassment, our mission trip was indeed fulfilling. Sharing our life testimony and God’s transforming love to our new found brothers and sisters made us realize a deeper purpose of the calling. Our Lord is always faithful in giving way to the desires of our hearts. This was proven during this mission trip.

“… I will be with you always until the end of time” (Matt 28:20). This was our reassurance. He never abandons us every time we are called to do His mission.

Praise be to God!

Ricky & Me-ann Pacquing

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