Live A Life of Mercy

have-mercy-on-me-o-god-christian-wallpaper_1366x768Life is a journey. It is a pilgrimage. We are all pilgrims and our destination is heaven. We are heaven-bound. However, the journey is not easy and will never be easy. Trials, difficulties, problems and persecutions will come our way.
We are reminded in Matthew 7:13 that we will have to enter through the narrow gate. The gate to eternal happiness is narrow unlike the gate to eternal punishment (perdition) that is wide, wide-open. We need to get rid of things that will prevent us from passing through the narrow gate.

A very important element in our personal journey is our conversion. Personal conversion is the way to reach our goal and the criteria/standard upon which we will be judged. It involves rediscovering and living out the corporal works of mercy and spiritual works of mercy.

Our goal is to attain mercy. This requires dedication and sacrifice.
Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. (Matthew 7:1)
We must not condemn. We must learn to accept what is good in others.
We must spare others of any suffering that may be caused by our partial judgment and our presumption of knowing everything about them.
We must forgive and give without expecting or asking for anything in return.
We must be compassionate towards others knowing that we are instruments of God’s mercy.

Matthew 5:7 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

Luke 6:36 Therefore, be merciful, just as your Father is also merciful. We must open our hearts and heal the wounds of those who are suffering and those who have been denied of their dignity.
We must console them with solidarity and vigilant care.
We must overcome our indifference. We must overcome our routine destructive cynicism/pessimism/negativity.
We must overcome our hypocrisy.
We must overcome our egoism.
We must rediscover the corporal works of mercy and spiritual works of mercy that will serve as the criteria/standard by which we will be judged.

corporal-works-of-mercyCorporal Works of Mercy:
1. Feed the hungry,
2. Give drink to the thirsty,
3. Clothe the naked,
4. Welcome strangers,
5. Heal the sick,
6. Visit the imprisoned,
7. Bury the dead.

spiritual-works-of-mercy-2Spiritual Works of Mercy:
1. Counsel the doubtful,
2. Instruct the ignorant,
3. Admonish sinners,
4. Comfort the afflicted,
5. Forgive offences,
6. Bear patiently those who do us ill,
7. Pray for the living and the dead.

2016 is a year of the Lord’s favor or mercy. This is what the Lord proclaimed and this is what we desire to live out.
We must console the poor.
We must liberate those who are bound by new forms of slavery.
We must restore dignity to all from whom it has been taken away.
We must do all these acts of mercy cheerfully.
Do you want to go to heaven?
Live a life of mercy.

By Randy Gamboa, CFC UAE

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