Deceived in God’s Service

2I was already working in Dubai for 16 years in a very reputable oil company when a job offer with better salary and higher position came my way. I grabbed it as it is a dream job and I was considering retiring from work in two years’ time. This new job would have assigned me on a family status in Paris while based in Dubai.

But after two months of waiting things have changed. Instead of going to Paris, our Project Team was asked to go to Kurdistan, Iraq (the company is a conglomerate of Kurdistan) due to budgetary problems. I thought I made the wrong decision and asked God what happened to our blessing?
Iraq is a place where most people feared to go due to the ISIS terrorist group who are killing Christians. I prayed hard and came to realize that God has always a good reason for everything, including bringing me to that part of the world.
1While in Iraq I found this small group of not so active SFCs in Sulaimaniyah. My wife, Mimie, and I tried to regroup them and strengthen their commitment by conducting regular household meetings and teachings. We supported the Chaldean church by forming a CFC Church Choir, thus drawing more parishioners to attend the English Mass.

We experienced the meekness of service especially when we see lots of refugees from South Iraq as they were temporarily housed within the church compound. Mimie and I conquered our fear and even extended our service to CFC members in Erbil which is about three hours ride by taxi. To go there we have to pass Mosul and Kirkuk which were previously ISIS-controlled areas.

4On November 27, 2015 my contract was terminated and I have to leave Iraq. We know it happened through God’s plan and right timing as we have seen the CFC members in Sulaimaniyah and Erbil more empowered. They can now hold their own CLP after undergoing the first Speakers’ Training under us. CFC-Erbil was able to conduct the first Arabic CLP and had about 40 members through the support of the local priests.

An opportunity came for a new job and we were prayed over by CFC elders from Manila, Bro Roquel and Sis Nina Ponte. I passed the interview and found myself joining my previous company in Dubai. It was just like taking one year vacation from my old company to carry out God’s plan in taking care of His people in Iraq through the CFC community. God sometimes deceive us to change our plan to do God’s service without realizing that it is the best plan that will bless us with more!

Bro Arnel Batusin

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