Burundi Holds Love More Conference

Our mission team was composed of Monica, Andrew and myself. We had arrived in Bujumbura amidst tension and fear due to reported peace and order concern in Burundi.

We were welcomed by our CFC Burundi leader Bro Prosper on 5th June and he had assured us of our security.

We were not hosted as earlier planned because many of our hosts had left their homes and others could not guarantee our safety. That is because there were times houses are raided randomly.

So we agreed to be booked at the Ceprodelic Apartments. As we were inside our rooms, we could hear noises with people shouting and we know there was a bit of chaos outside.

The following day, we gathered our five CFC leaders for an empowerment meeting and reviewed how the community life was. The biggest challenge we have noted was the safety concern that has hampered almost every CFC activity and many other public activities. The CFC leaders requested that in the near future we need to give them a longer pastoral visit possibly one week. They said they need to review once again the household dynamics and get more acquainted with the CFC culture.

The following day was the LOVE MORE conference which was conducted amidst tension because of the presence of soldiers moving almost in all corners of the city. This I believe was a big reason for not having more participants at the conference. We had 23 participants among them were nine couples.

The peace and order situation in Burundi was very much connected to our theme LOVE MORE. It said despite the fear and tension in the country they will stick with CFC and the mission will prevail in Burundi. They said it was the time to love more.

Our attempts to meet the Bishop Evariste has failed due to conflict with our schedule. However, Fr. Hermes, the CFC spiritual director, was very supportive and encouraged us not to lose hope in Burundi inspite of the safety and security problem.

We praise and thank the Lord for leading us safely back from Burundi. Great thanks to CFC brethren in UAE for sponsoring the mission. To God be the Glory.

By James Ssemwangu, CFC Country Coordinator, Burundi


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