The 14th CFC International Catholic Men’s Conference (SOLD ICON) was held last March 27-29, 2015, at the Crown Ballroom, Punta Villa Resort, Arevalo, Iloilo City. It was participated by more than 400 SOLD members and CFC men, some of whom brought their wives.

The conference mostly tackled about love as shepherds of families. 1. He Loved Us First; 2. Be Who You Are; 3. Tough Love; and 4. Love Conquers All which is also this year’s theme – Amor Vincit Omnia.

There were also some delegates from other countries, one each from Brunei and US, three from Canada and four from the UAE, of which two Dubai-based leaders have written the highlights as well as insights.

Bro Elmar Salveron, cluster head:

We were taught that being a BOSS is good in love’s context as a Brother Offering Something Special where we do good deeds or service to our respective brothers in the group.

We also held a STOMP Praise contest where we sang praise songs accompanied only by hand claps, feet stomping and use of indigenous materials like bamboo and coconut shells to produce rhythm to accompany the praising.

The highlight of the conference is conferring to each attendee a Shepherd’s Cross for us to wear as a reminder that we have an obligation to be shepherds of our families and our brothers and sisters in or out of our community.

Another highlight was that we were able to celebrate love together as one family in Christ as some brothers who attended brought their wives and children to join us in our activities as SOLD members.

Bro Ambo Joromo, chapter head:

Since it is my wife’s first time to go with me in any CFC gathering, I thought she might not appreciate and enjoy this kind of activity knowing most of the attendees are men. But surprisingly, she was able to adapt the way CFC does the praise and worship and even singing and dancing. We also had a chance to pray with other Servants who brought their wives. My wife recited prayers of thanksgiving and petition straight just like she is a member of the community.

This is also my first time to see and meet Servants from different areas in the Philippines. I saw that most of the attendees are older men in their 50s, 60s and 70s. There are even some handicapped SOLD attendees who were able to travel and attend many ICONs with failing. When praise and worship began, I saw them singing, raising hands, and even dancing. They are very joyful, energetic and vibrant people.

We were inspired by the sharers like the brother who was a former member of Communist New People’s Army in the Visayas region who served as a tactical strategist and used to be an Atheist. God enlightened him to surrender through his love to his family. Now he is a believer of Christ and true servant of the Lord.

Attending the ICON is not only about meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ, experiencing different places and cultures, eating delicious delicacies, but also gaining inspiration from others and experiencing God through praise and worship, as well as teachings and sharings. God indeed reveals Himself through His love so we can do love to others.


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