It is no longer I, but Christ in me

Most of my peers would usually say that I am lucky to have been born “smart” which enables me to accomplish great things at such a young age. However, I would often reply back and say that I don’t think I’m lucky, because that would mean that all the things I have achieved are a mere product of chance.

Who I am today or what I have achieved is not because of chance; rather, it’s because the Lord planned it so. I am not lucky, but I do think that I am blessed. Blessed to have been gifted with knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

Winning accolades from competitions and gaining recognition for exemplary academic feats are milestones in my life that I truly cherish. Just as I also remember the moments of great doubt and challenge when I felt that I was on the verge of failure. I learnt that those are also essential because they instill the value of humility and serve as a great reminder that everything happens according to His will.

During moments of difficulty, I am reminded to be patient because all the success will come in His own perfect time.Indeed, the road to success is never constant nor is it short. Rather, it is long, bumpy and winding. Yet there are two things that will forever be constant in that journey: love and faith. The love of the people around me and my faith in God.

Truly, behind every success story are the people who help to make it happen. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, without the love and support of my family, my peers, my teachers and the CFC community that I belong to, all these successes would not have been possible. Not only have they been my biggest supporters, they have also been my mightiest prayer warriors. All these people have shown me what unconditional love is; they were always there for me, win or lose.

When I joined Youth for Christ, and was asked to choose amongst the gifts of the Holy Spirit to receive during the baptism ceremony, I answered immediately: the gift of faith. Faith that the Lord would always guide me and give me the strength to persevere and pursue my goals. Faith that he would never leave my side. That is why whenever I feel nervous or doubtful, I would always remind myself that “It is no longer I, but Christ in me.”


Amongst all the awards I have received, the greatest one, without contest, is the award that the Lord himself has given me: the ability to bring glory back to Him and inspire others to pursue excellence just as I do. Remember, with your family on your right, the CFC community on your left, and with God in our hearts, nothing is impossible.‪

By Aeverie Jenne Apostol Polintan, YFC- Dubai, UAE

*Aeverie Jenne Polintan is currently a Year 12 student at The Winchester School Jebel Ali serving as the school’s Head Girl. She has been part of Youth for Christ Jebel Ali since 2012 and is now serving as a household leader.
She has participated and won in various debating and academic tournaments both on a local and international level such as the World Scholar’s Cup, Debate Dubai and Georgetown University’s Model United Nations Conference.
She was a recipient of both the Sheika Fatima Award for Excellence and the Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for topping IGCSE Sociology in the UAE.

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