Test of Faith

“Whatever happened to me, I remained with God and reconciled with Him.”

I grew up having a happy childhood in a closely knit family. My parents taught me and my siblings how to pray religiously.I was a Legion of Mary and choir member. As a couple, we served as lectors and active Couples for Christ members for 21 years. With all of these foundations, I thought I have an unshakeable faith.

In 2007, my mother was hospitalized. Her kidney collapsed, had pulmonary infection and other complications. I prayed fervently that God will give her a chance to survive that ordeal but to no avail, she was gone. She was diagnosed withleukaemia.I questioned God why he did not listen to my prayers. It was a test of faith back then.

Before the 40th day of the death of my mother, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I prayed unceasingly to God to help me. I asked for Mother Mary to guide me through. Whatever happened to me, I remained with God and reconciled with Him.I had a peaceful spirit because I knew in my heart that God is with me all the way with Mama Mary by my side.I remained confined at our home having my loved ones only, interacting with me and seeing me;going out only to the hospital for my treatment for almost three years.

After my recovery, I fervently asked God to give me a chance to go back to my old self again. God answered my prayers. My husband was able to get a job in Dubai where I can be with him. God gave us the opportunity to be able to serve again in Couples for Christ as a couple which for me is really a privilege.It took so long before I had the courage to witness this loving presence of God in my life. It was in Maadi,before all of youthat I was able to do it. No amount of words can adequately express how grateful I am to God for his love and for having given me the chance of a second life and being of service to Him again.

Brothers and sisters,our Heavenly Father loves us, and we know that whosoever shall put their trust in God and have the seriousness of a repentant heart shall be lifted up.

May God be praised!

*Sharing by Marivic Baluyot, CFC Dubai, UAE last March 20, 2015 in Zamalek, Egypt Marivic together with husband Rino were in Egypt from March 15 to 20, 2015 on mission.

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