CFC Multimedia Logo – Less is more

Couples for Christ Middle East Multimedia logo is so simple that you need to “see to figure”. It is an invitation to seek essence and simplicity to rediscover qualities. It allows context to dictate meaning. It says interaction and it makes us think “why is it so simple?” Few elements create a maximum effect. This represents how something so simple enhances a language without any complexities.

Why orange? It represents something fresh, because in Multimedia there’s always something new, like how seasons are changing. It is an invitation to be interactive. Orange represents social communication, two-way conversation and friendship. It is also a vibrant colour of the sand – a very prominent reminder of God’s immeasurable greatness.

Why blue? It represents spirituality, inspiration and open flow of communication.
Being part of the CFC Middle East Community, Multimedia is a Christ-centered service (cross) guided by the Holy Spirit (dove). CFC Middle East Multimedia Team’s main purpose is to serve as an interactive medium to share something good for Christ’s glory. We all wish to proclaim that we a great God, let us use technology to our advantage and promote God’s news online!

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