(in reference to the memo by Melo Villaroman, CFC Executive Director)

“Proclaim the Greatness of the Lord!” is our community’s theme for the coming year, and we are very excited!

It is the Holy Spirit’s gift, handed to CFC through the International Council retreat and planning last month.  With his compelling command, based on the first verse of “The Magnificat”, the Spirit is drawing us even closer to the core of our calling: EVANGELIZATION – or everyday proclamation of Christ’s love in our word and action.

Our incoming spiritual battle cry also urges us on to continue our journey as a people called to respond to His mission of Fullness in Building both the Church of the Home and the Church of the Poor.  The “Mighty One who has done great things” for our Blessed Mother, will continue to bless our work with the poor, as He has “lifted up the lowly, and filled the hungry with good things!”  Our faithful God will also embrace in His power hug of love, strength and mercy our homes, our children, and the families we evangelize and serve, “as He has helped Israel his servant, according to His promise to our fathers, to Abraham and to His descendants forever.”

Our 2012 theme also brings to light why the Lord has allowed us to overcome our community’s toughest trials.  In the midst of raging storms, why did the Spirit command us to love even more?

Why were we exhorted to move forward in Christ, embracing His life and mission of Fullness, and putting on His full armor?  It is so that we in CFC can continue to “proclaim the greatness of the Lord!”


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